A timeline of news, stories and pictures from 1950.

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Renaming the band

12 December 1950

The band Annual General Meeting hears a request to change the name of the band.

1950 Oxford Annual Contest

14 October 1950

The Headington Silver Prize Band hosts its annual contest at Oxford Town Hall. The winners were: 1st Section: Bedford Trades Band, 2nd Section: Cwmavon District (Port Talbot), 3rd Section: Barton Town.

The Headington Band's third annual contest at Oxford on the 14th was the highlight of the month, 18 bands competed in the two sections, and enjoyable playing was heard, even if, in the opinion of the adjudicator, it did not reach a very high standard. Mr. Frank Wright took the place, of Harry Mortimer as adjudicator and was also one of the guest conductors at the evening concert, with Mr. Mortimer, when Faireys were the attraction. Of the bands in section I, about half played "Symphony in C", and I noticed a number of L.J. testpieces in Section II also, this section being bands' own choice. The Town Hall was well filled for the afternoon contest, and I understand that it was packed for the concert in the eveniug, but I was unable to stay for this part of the programme. It was a pleasure to meet many old friends again from many parts of the country, including several from the Wessex area. Southampton Albion advertised the show by marching through the centre of the city, and created a good impression by their smartness. Woodfalls held the final rehearsal at Abingdon, in the Borough Band's headquarters, and arrangements were made for them to have a snack before going on to Oxford. Secretary Giles and his committee are to be highly congratulated on a very finely organised contest and concert, which I trust will prove satisfactory from a financial standpoint also.



Oxford and District News

September 1950

Secretary G. H. Giles, of Headington Silver has favoured me with a copy of the schedule of the contest at Oxford on October 14th, when "Symphony in C" is one of the testpieces for Section I. Fairey Aviation Works Band are the star of the evening concert, and it is hoped that Mr. Harry Mortimer will be there to adjudicate and conduct the band. Entries close on October lst, so intending bands should get in touch with lIr. Giles as soon as possible. Headington are keeping fairly busy with engagements and the City Park concerts, although they have not been favoured with very good weather this season for the latter.


Oxford and District News

January 1950

Headington report that they made a nice profit on their Contest and the Concert by Black Dyke in October, and are well satisfied with their first large-scale venture in this respect. I am sure that they will make an even greater success in 1950. The Band have launched a learners' class, and this promises to provide a good supply of material for the senior band, although they still lack instruments for all the beginners.