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Islip Friendly Societies

Saturday 25 May 1850

Islip Friendly Societies

On Monday last the members of the Swan benefit society, and those of the Union fellowship society, held at the Fox and Grapes, met at their respective inns, and afterwards proceeded to church ... At the Fox and grapes the dinner was served in very excellent manner by the worthy secretary... The pleasures of the day were greatly increased by the Headington Brass Band. The conviviality was kept up until a late hour, and it may be truly said that a more pleasant and agreeable day was never spent.


Monday 9 June 1851

The annual festival of the members of the Union Fellowship Society will be held on Whit Monday at Mr. Gillam's, Fox and Grapes Inn, Islip when all well-wishers to this flourishing philanthropic institution are invited to attend The Headington Brass Band is engaged for the occasion.

Oxford Journal - Saturday 31 May 1851

Rural Fete at Headington

Saturday 4 September 1852

Rural fete at Headington

The amusements commenced soon after two o'clock by dancing to the music of the Headington Brass Band, who gave their valuable services on the occasion, and added greatly to the enjoyment of the fete.

Cricket Success!

Monday 13 July 1857

Cricket at Kidlington

On 13 July 1857 the Headington Brass Band were played a cricket match against Kidlington... and winning! Among the players was Headington Carpenter Alfred Taylor, supposed founder of the band (in 1887?), and his three brothers.
KIDLINGTON. ON MONDAY NEXT, an interesting GAME of CRICKET will take place this Village between some of the VILLAGERS and the HEADINGTON BRASS BAND in a Field kindly granted Mr. Scroggs for the occasion. After the Match, the Band and Players will Dine at the Black Horse, where excellent Dinner will be provided by the worthy Host, Mr. Joseph Tuckwell. There will be a BALL for their amusement in the Evening. - Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette, Saturday 11 July 1857
The return match will be played at Headington on Monday, July 27th. - Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette - Saturday 18 July 1857
KIDLINGTON. CRICKET.-An interesting game of cricket was played at Kidlington on Monday last, between the villagers of Kid- lington and the Headington brass band; the latter were the victors, with nine wickets to go down ; score : Headington Band, J. Jacobs, 11 and 5; J. Franklin, 10 and 22 (not out); C. Taylor, 1; J. Williams, 11; J. Rolph, 0; M. Waring, 0; S. Goodgame, 10; D. Taylor, 3; A. Munday 5 (not out) and 0 (not out) ; A. Taylor, 2 ;G. Taylor, 4 byes, &c., 2 and 3; total, 39 and 30. Kidlington, Busby, 1 and 23; Butler, 6 and 0; Wren, 1 and 0; Willoughby, 0 and 2 (not out);- Thript, 2 and 0; Tombs, 3 and 10; Panting, 0 and 8; Shirley, 0 and 6; Parnell, 3 and 3, Coppock, 0 (not out) and 4; Azell, 2 and 0;; byes, &e., 3 and 4; total, 21 and 66.
Oxford Journal - Friday 18 July 1857

Cricket rematch at Headington

Monday 27 July 1857

The return match between the above sides came off at Headington on Monday last, in a meadow, kindly lent for the occasion, by Mr. Scarlett, of that place, when the Headingtonians were again victorious in one innings and 4 runs spare. After the game both parties and their friends adjourned to the Plough Inn, where a splendid supper was provided the worthy host (Mr. G. Taylor), alter which the tables were removed and dancing commenced, and was kept up with great spirit till eleven o’clock, when the company separated, highly delighted with the day’s amusement. Score follows ...

Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette - Saturday 1 August 1857

More Cricket

Monday 7 September 1857

A match was played at Headington on Monday last, between the married and single, in a ground kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. Scarlett, when the single were the victors with four wickets to go down. ... After the game was over the parties proceeded from the Cricket Field to the Plough Inn, headed by the Headington Brass Band; after which a very pleasant evening was spent. The return match will be played on Monday the 21st instant.

Oxford Journal - Saturday 12 September 1857

Heyford and Aston Friendly Society

Wednesday 18 May 1859

On the 18th inst., the Heyford and Aston Friendly Society, attended divine service at Upper Heyford church, where the Rev. Thomas Browne preached an eloquent amplification of St. Peter’s precept, “love the brotherhood." The village choir was suffering from an attack of the sulks, and would not sing. Both before and after the service the Headington brass band, one of the best in the county, performed in their usual effective style. The dinner took place at the Red Lion, Steeple Aston. This society is the largest in Oxfordshire, having 156 benefit members, and a capital of £758.

Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette - Saturday 28 May 1859