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23 August 1894

This annual acquatic event took place on the Isis between the Long Bridges and the University Barge on Wednesday and Thursday,... As on former occasions the field west of the University Boat House was occupied by roundabouts, swings, &c., and music was dispensed during the afternoon and evening on the 'Varsity Barge by the Headington Brass Band.

OXFORD TIMES - 25 August 1894

Band of Hope Fete

11 August 1894

The Headington Temperance Brass Band participate in a grand parade at the Band of Hope and Temperance Union fete at Nuneham

OXFORD JOURNAL - 11 August 1894

Band of Hope and Temperance Union

25 October 1890

It is reported that the Headington Temperance Band had joined the Band of Hope and Temperance Union

OXFORD JOURNAL - 25 October 1890

Headington Temperance Brass Band


Sometime between 1890 and 1894 the band was renamed the Headington Temperance Brass Band. The name and requirement for abstinence remained for many years as the image from the 1910 rules shows. The name was not changed until 1912.