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Headington Temperance Brass Band


Sometime between 1890 and 1894 the band was renamed the Headington Temperance Brass Band. The name and requirement for abstinence remained for many years as the image from the 1910 rules shows. The name was not changed until 1912.

Band of Hope and Temperance Union

Saturday 25 October 1890

It is reported that the Headington Temperance Band had joined the Band of Hope and Temperance Union

OXFORD JOURNAL - 25 October 1890


Sunday 19 July 1891

Headington Brass band among many other groups participating. The Headington and District Benefit and Friendly Societies arranged a church parade on Sunday in aid of the Radcliffe Infirmary and other medical institutions. They were materially assisted in their laudable object by fine weather, and the whole arrangements being admirably carried out the church parade was in every way a success....

Oxford Times - Saturday 25 July 1891


Monday 17 August 1891



The anniversary of the Ancient Order of Foresters, Court "Napoleon" No. 6829, was held in this village on Monday, the 17th of August. Although the weather was anything but favour- able for holiday folk. yet the inhabitants turned out in strong force, determined to make the best of it. The programme for the day commenced by the arrival of the Headington Brass Rend, whose music throughout the day was very creditable.

Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette - Saturday 29 August 1891

Week's Gossip

Saturday 23 July 1892

The band gets embroiled in local politics!

There is a benefit society at Tackley known as the King's Arms Benefit society, and the member have an annual fete day. This year's anniversary was celebrated on Thursday in last week; but two or three prominent residents of the village refrained from taking part therein as usual, or from giving their customary donations. More than that the Headington Brass Band, which was engaged for the occasion, was prohibited from playing at the residences of these gentlemen. In previous years they had done so without let or hindrance. The only possible reason which can be thought of for this change of front is that Mr. Benson has been returned for Mid-Oxon, and Mr. Morrell, defeated. With all the intellect that belongs to the "gentlemanly" party one would have sup posed that they would have been able to devise some means for concealing their chagrin at their downfall. Instead of doing this, however, they are exhibiting their feelings in the clearest and meanest way to the world. This sort of conduct is hardly likely to have any favourable influence upon "the ignorant masses" of the constituency, as the Unionists style them when they can shelter themselves behind a nom de plume. Their action will have a greater effect than any which the Liberals could take in making the seat a perfectly safe one for Mr. Benson in the future.

Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette - 23 July 1892


Sunday 30 July 1893

COWLEY, IFFLEY, LITTTLEMORE, AND SANDFORD - The Benefit and Friendly Societies of Cowley, Iffley, Littlemore, and Sandford-on-Thames held their second annual demonstration on behalf of the Radcliffe Infirmary and other medical institutions on Sunday....they proceeded to Littlemore, Near the church in that village were assembled the Littlemore contingent, with which was with the Headington Brass Band. . - Oxford Journal - Saturday 5 August 1893

Band of Hope Fete

Saturday 11 August 1894

The Headington Temperance Brass Band participate in a grand parade at the Band of Hope and Temperance Union fete at Nuneham

OXFORD JOURNAL - 11 August 1894


Thursday 23 August 1894

This annual acquatic event took place on the Isis between the Long Bridges and the University Barge on Wednesday and Thursday,... As on former occasions the field west of the University Boat House was occupied by roundabouts, swings, &c., and music was dispensed during the afternoon and evening on the 'Varsity Barge by the Headington Brass Band.

OXFORD TIMES - 25 August 1894


Monday 25 May 1896

A public tea was held in the Wesleyan schoolroom on Whit-Monday, on behalf of the Temperance Brass Band. A bout 50 sat down to an excellent tea, given by the mmbers of the society. After tea the band paraded the streets to the chapel, where a pleasant evening was spent. The chair was taken by Mr. J. Hathaway, and a promising report was read by Mr. J. Douglas, the secretary.

Oxford Times - Saturday 30 May 1896


Saturday 20 August 1898

Mr. J. NEVILLE'S. XI. v. MR. A. LOUCH'S XI.- This match was played an the beautiful ground at Bayswater Grove Park, and resulted in victory for Mr. J. Neville's team, owing to a chiefly a stylish innings by G. Douglas, who played with considerable freedom. A. Douglas also played well for his 18. After the match both teams were entertained to tea in the park, and an enjoyable evening was spent, enlivened by some admirable music by the Headington Brass Band.

Oxford Times - Saturday 20 August 1898


Wednesday 30 August 1899

On Wednesday, 30th ult. the Steeple Aston and District Society held its annual exhibition in tne Technical Schoolroom, Steeple Aston, which was well attended by the residents North and Middle Aston, Duns Tew, Rousham, and Lower Heyford, to which parishes the competitions were open.. ... and duly acknowledged. The Headington Brass Band was in attendance during the afternoon and evening, and also supplied the music at the dance held in the schoolroom from 8.30 till midnight. ...

Banbury Beacon - Saturday 09 September 1899